Origo 2 lock

The Origo 2 accessories are designed to fit our brand new trolley system. There is a wide array of accessories to choose from - trays, buckets, top lids, mop boxes, storage boxes, hooks, holders and many more.

Product Benefits

  • Secure, fully lockable tablet storage to prevent theft
  • See and respond to push notifications directly without opening or lifting the lid
  • Compatible with any tablet and workforce management software on the market
  • Hidden safety compartment for employees’ personal items
  • Push button assisted opening
Namn Art.nr Fp/Kart Art.nr Fp St/Fp
Lockable Top Lid for Tablets 160554 1 160555 1
Top Lid 160815 1 160816 1
Lockable Top Lid 160550 1 160551 1